Hands-on Education at Clarence Thomas Ltd Fish Bay location

Vocational Experience at CTL for Eslyn Henley Richiez Learning Centre Students

Clarence Thomas Limited was pleased to host students from the Eslyn Henley Richiez Learning Centre today for a vocational tour of the new store at Fish Bay. Class seniors explored occupational skills and hands-on activity stations at CTL.

Students visited the electrical, plumbing and paint departments while wearing their own CTL “uniforms” and hats provided by CTL. The students went from station to station taking notes and asking questions. The tour was led by Caroline Thomas and other members of the CTL team.

As an extension to their classroom learning, the students explored the CTL lighting displays and received a lesson in the origin and uses of electricity. They experienced “real work” plumbing lessons through fitting small pieces of pipe together at a station set up for them in the plumbing department. The students that accomplished fitting the pipes together were given the pieces as a keepsake. The group was also taken to the paint department to see the paint mixing process. They chose their favorite color swatch as they received a tour of the department. The CTL team mixed two gallons of paint and let the students participate in the process by assisting in opening and closing the cans using a rubber mallet.

The visiting students remarked that the trip was “so cool” as they completed the tour. When their teacher, Mrs. Nibbs, asked the class if they had enjoyed themselves and if they had fun, the students answered with a resounding “YES!” When she asked the class who would like to work at CTL, the students unanimously raised their hands. The students shared a special farewell that they had prepared for the staff of Clarence Thomas Ltd. The staff and team at CTL shared in the excitement and enjoyment of the visit.

A special event will be held on April 2nd 2016 at the CTL Fish Bay location as part of the grand opening ceremony. Additional details will be announced soon.

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